Treading the Boards is our drama club, where young people have a chance to put on a musical production. We recently started a new way of working the cast, splitting into Juniors and Seniors with the juniors starting from year 6 and upwards until year 9 where they move up to the seniors. Each year we put on a main musical show (with the recent productions being Calamity Jane for the senior cast and Alice in Wonderland for the juniors) where we take over The Little Theatre in Birkenhead. In the run up to the show we take both casts down to Quinta for our boot camp weekend where we spend our time mastering the show and getting to know each other better. Auditions usually take place around March with all abilities welcome and everybody guaranteed to make it onto stage.

Each year we also put on a pantomime that takes place in St Mary’s Church around February. This is a chance for those with a smaller part in the main show to take on larger roles as we base casting on those who didn’t have a chance to be centre stage in our main musical production. For the panto, we split the cast differently, mixing the ages in the hope young people get to spend time with other ages they may not have chance to interact with in a school environment.


£55 – Main Show (March – October) + £60 Boot Camp (September)
£45 – Panto (November – February)
If you have any financial difficulties with the above cost, please contact Malcolm or Inga.